Pianist & composer

about Akiram

BIOGRAPHY —  Akiram was born in Apulia, a region in the Southern Italy and begans her classical piano studies at the age of 6. She started to explore jazz music when she was a teenager.

Throughout the years she has attended masterclasses and summer schools with players such as Dado Moroni, Fabrizio Bosso, Roberto Gatto, Renato Chicco, Andy Watson, Barry Harris, Aaron Golberg, John Ellis, Rory Stuart, Raffaele Casarano and Mirko Signorile.

She also studied with pianists such as Karim Blal when she lived for a while in Paris and then with Eugenio Macchia, Mario Nappi and with the guitarist Fabrizio Savino.

She has played with different line-ups in theatres of her birthplace such as the Piccinni Theatre for the event “Jazz for Amnesty International 2011”, the foyer of the Petruzzelli Theatre and the Forma Theatre.

She has also played in festivals such as the JazzIt Festival and the Locomotive Jazz Festival as opening concert of “Daniele Silvestri and Raffaele Casarano Locomotive Band”. She won the Locomotive Giovani 2019 and the scholarship to attend Nuoro Jazz Seminars and on that occasion she won a new scholarship to attend the Nuoro Jazz Seminars a second time in 2020. Now the young woman artist is working on the release of her first album.

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